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Are you into arts and crafts but can't find what you want because of poor selection or outrageous prices? Perhaps the specific art or craft item you need is always out of stock? Here at Craft Resources for Folks, we continuously comb the Internet for merchants that meet the following criteria: the widest selection of the highest-quality arts and crafts supplies that are always stocked and affordably priced. Your order also deserves the very best after-sale support. And that's exactly what you will find on our web site. Whether you're looking for brushes, canvas, ink, polymer clay, watercolor, senciling supplies to paper crafts and drawing supplies, we have what you're looking for.

The Ultimate Drawing Guide

The Ultimate Flowers Drawing Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Crafts and Hobbies

Yet Another Art Guide!

Guide to the Art of Botany--Drawing plants


The Elements of Color

The Elements of Color
by Johannes Itten
"In 1676, Sir Isaac Newton, using a triangular prism, analyzed white sunlight into a spectrum of colors..."

A useful simplification and condensation of Johannes ltten's major work, The Art of Color, this book covers subjective feeling and objective color principles in detail. It presents the key to understanding color in ltten's color circle and color contrasts. top of page

The Watercolor Sketchbook Kit: Materials, Techniques, and Projects

The Watercolor Sketchbook Kit: Materials, Techniques, and Projects [BOX SET]
by Curtis Tappenden

Enclosed in a handy, portable case, this kit includes paints, brushes, and a blank pad of absorbent watercolor paper -- everything you'll need to begin creating right away! The instruction book details watercolor materials and techniques ranging from laying down tones to using complementary colors to developing your own painting style, while the watercolors dotting each page provide subject ideas. top of page

Pencil Drawing: A Complete Drawing Kit for Beginners
Pencil Drawing: A Complete Drawing Kit for Beginners
by Gene Franks

About the Author:
Gene Franks, who began drawing and painting at the age of 10, is a renowned master of expressive pencil drawing. Franks spent his early years in rural Arkansas, where he had the opportunity to observe the beauty of nature. He dedicated many hours of intense study to perfect his drawing techniques and, during the process, created many fine works in pencil.

A U.S. Air Force veteran and former merchant marine, Franks took advantage of quiet moments to hone his drawing skills. He obtained formal art training from Jefferson Mackhammer School of Art in Santa Monica, California, and acquired additional skills through classes at the Art Center in Pasadena. During his career as a professional artist, Franks has taught classes and inspired hundreds of students with his unique drawing style. He has discovered that almost anyone, when shown how to handle the pencil, can do quite well. Franks is the recipient of numerous art awards, and his work is displayed in private collections nationwide. Franks and his wife, Jane, live in Charleston, Arkansas.

Product Description:
This is the perfect introductory kit for anyone who wants to learn the captivating art of pencil drawing. Inside is everything needed to get started, including a 32-page project book filled with inspiring ideas.

Written and illustrated by renowned artist Gene Franks, the project book begins with information on art tools and materials and then covers the basics, such as pencil technique, perspective, and value. It also includes nine complete drawing lessons to follow and learn. Each project is accompanied by clear instructions, helpful tips, and step-by-step illustrations--all of which ensure successful results.

This kit makes an ideal gift. All the supplies are safe, and the book teaches skills that can be used for a lifetime. Discover how easy it is to apply a variety of drawing techniques and create impressive works of art!

Kit includes:
• 32-page project book
• 6 drawing pencils (F, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B)
• Drawing pad
• Pencil extender
• Kneaded eraser
• Sharpener
• Sandpaper pad
• Triangle
• Blending stump

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Recommended Books

Modeling the Head in Clay
Modeling the Head in Clay
by Bruno Lucchesi, Margit Malmstrom

An Amazon reviewer says: This is a book that shows you, via numerous photographs, how a clay sculpture is actually made. The book starts with detailed photographs of different types of sculpture that whet your excitement. It then moves to defining the tools and supplies that are going to used in the rest of the book. The greatest part of the book is the detailed step by step photographic illustration of what happens during each part of building the sculpture. It is really exciting to see how the model is transformed between its various stages. I learned more from this one book than 2 adult-evening sculpture classes (that cost $300+) from the local Art college. This book is worth the investment!
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The Big Book of Drawing and Painting the Figure

The Big Book of Drawing and Painting the Figure
by Muntsa Calbo I Angrill

An Amazon reviewer says: "This book is more than just basic instruction, but it starts with the basics and progresses though the essentials to advanced figure drawing and painting concepts. It is not a step-by-step guide but a thorough presentation of these concepts and how they relate to the final artwork. I have read numerous other books and taken a number of life drawing and painting classes so I was especially impressed to learn several techniques/concepts which were new to me. In addition, several artists are featured which helps avoid techniques unique to a particular artist. I highly recommend the book for any artist seeking a comprehensive overview of figure drawing and painting."

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Recommended Books

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