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Laurel Mellin The Solution

reviewed by Warren Taylor

The roots of hunger go very deep into many causes, such as: -- Learned habits
-- Food preferences
-- Genetics
-- Stress
-- Level of physical activity
-- Psychology
-- Social situation
-- Level of temptation
-- Duration of absence from food
-- Amount of thirst ... And so many more aspects. Here below is a book reference on the clinical aspects of treating weight control (controlling hunger). The book by Laurel Mellin, entitled "The Solution", is some 20 plus years of research and hundreds of professional clinical seminars all wrapped up into one short volume. "The Solution" was written by a professional clinician, and was voted one of the top 10 medical discoveries of the Year 2000 (the millennial year). "The Solution" has deeply touched thousands of lives of people seeking for a solution to their weight problems. And their solution was "The Solution". The book is so all encompassing, that I can see elements of "The Solution" in almost every CR message that I read. That is because "The Solution" works at the most fundamental emotional and psychological levels where people live and feel. All solutions take time, and work, and patience, and sometimes years. "The Solution" success rate is outstanding, due to many of the reasons explained in its clinical appendix. -- Warren PS: The book was a massive best seller, so extra copies are available at low cost. The hardcopy edition is also very inexpensive costing but a few dollars. The hardcopy book and the paperback text are identical, as nearly as I can tell, since I own both editions. The sequel follow-on book ("The Pathway") by the same author is similar, but more broad based to treat a greater spectrum of human behavioral difficulties. "The Solution" I find to be the book I prefer, since it is more simple and direct.
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