Calorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition
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Human Calorie Restriction: A Win-Win Longevity Diet

Short-Term Benefits

A "check-list" of a few, major "short-term" benefits (these are benefits you may notice within a few weeks to a few months after beginning a calorie-restricted diet). Please note, these are based on anecdotal human accounts of some members of the CR Society. Not gossip nor hearsay, by any means, but not scientifically validated, nor measurable (nor comparable to animal-model analogs). Not only have these effects never been studied in animals, many of them would technically be difficult to measure or "gauge" in animal subjects if they were attempted. All that said, the short-term physiological improvements tend to be supported by similar, long-term physiological improvements. The psychological effects may be empirically significant since they are noted often by numerous long-term followers of the diet.
  • Fewer colds/flu's
  • Fewer headaches
  • Fewer aches/pains, in general
  • Fewer hemorrhoids
  • Improved complexion (acne, and the like)
  • An hour or two gained due to requirement of less sleep. Some reports of Rhesus monkeys (University of Wisconsin, Madison) may reveal deeper, more restful sleep (based on accelerometer data of sleeping monkeys)
  • Mental clarity plus focus (this seems to make sense evolutionarily, too: clarity + focus + logical-decision-making capability are necessary for "famine-mode" calorie search and acquisition; of course, we humans can take advantage of the former, and discard the latter using our scientific intuition).
  • Sensory-input resolution improvements: auditory, olfactory, etc. (not sure whether this has been discussed; but I (KH) have noticed it ... and it seems to make sense with respect to an evolutionary-response mechanism: that is, more acute senses allow one to acquire food (calories) easier)
  • Improved mental health (less emotional swings, noise, clutter; possible relief from phobias)
  • Greater energy and stamina (if CR is tweaked within the context of one's personal lifestyle and quality-of-life (QOL))
  • etc.
Calorie Restriction vs. Sex Restriction

Long-Term Benefits

Based on empirical evidence gleaned from repeated, mammalian calorie-restriction studies. Note: the magnitude to which improvements are noted depends upon how restricted (without malnourishment) the organism is.
  • Cancer inhibition (virtually all type, including: breast, lymphoma, GI, prostate, etc) 
  • Diabetes inhibition
  • Hypertension inhibition
  • Cardiovascular Disease inhibition and overall Circulatory health retention
  • Respiratory Health retention
  • Neurological Health retention
  • Kidney Disease inhibition
  • Autoimmune Diseases (lupus, anemia, etc.) inhibition
  • Age-Related Muscle Wasting inhibition
  • Skeletal "disintegration" inhibition
  • etc.

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