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Face Frames

Face frames add strength, rigidity, and durability to lumber and plywood cases alike; see the plywood case on (above) for a typical application. You can mount doors on them, close drawers against them, nail trim into them, cover exposed plywood edges with them. Face frames have aesthetic merits as well. They add a crisp, finished line, and the stiles (uprights) and rails (cross pieces) give your case proportion and scale to suit the piece to its surroundings. In general, let the stiles be of equal width, the bottom rail wider, and the top rail narrower. A doweling jig, bar or face-frame clamps, and an electric drill are all the assembly tools you need.

To mount the assembled frame, scrape off all excess glue. Using glue and either bar clamps or finishing nails, fasten the frame to the case, squaring the case to the frame as you proceed. Set and putty nail heads. Scrape off excess glue and sand all surfaces flush; finish as desired.

Miter Boxes

A miter box is handy for crosscutting stock up to 6 inches wide for face- frame parts, trim, shelf edging, toe- boards, and other narrow pieces. The metal miter box makes a full range of angle cuts, from 90 degrees to 30 degrees; the wood box cuts either 90 degrees or 45 degrees. The box should be screwed or clamped down securely.

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