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There are three ways to mount door and drawer faces: overlaid, lipped, and flush. Which one you choose will determine the type of hardware you use to mount them, the size you cut them, and the particular detail milling you do. So decide on the mounting style first, purchase the hardware, plan your cutting list, and then mill the parts.


To make any pair of doors, measure the width and height of the opening. Cut and fit as one piece, then rip it in half to get a matched pair of doors with just the right amount of clearance. Putty the edges as needed, and finish-sand. Mount a pair of hinges on each door, position the doors over the opening, and screw the hinges to the frames. Mount pulls and, unless you used self-closing hinges, catches.


To make a drawer, use the construction steps for rollouts. Purchase the slides first, then plan the unit’s dimensions according to slide clearance allowances and the milling considerations detailed here.

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