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Electric drills in general, and variable-speed types in particular, are versatile shop tools. They bore holes, pre-drill pilot holes, counter sink screw-heads, cut plugs, and even drive screws. With the help of accessories, they’ll do other jobs too.

Pre-drilling: To avoid splitting the wood, you should pre-drill pilot holes for screws and sometimes nails . First select the screw or nail appropriate to your project, then choose the bit to match. For nails, drill the holes in the outside piece and start the nails by lightly tapping them into the holes. Apply glue, position the boards so they are flush and tight, and hammer in the nails. Set the heads and putty the holes. For screws, if you plan to cover the screw heads, countersink and pilot- drill in one step.

Drill bits

Fasteners (nails, brads, screws; and their drivers)

Nailing (toe-nailing, side-nailing and end-nailing)

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DIY and Custom-Made Storage Solutions: Components You Can Build for Home, Office ... as a Hobby or for Sale (Profit, earn Income)

  1. Storage Components
    1. Shelves
    2. Pockets
    3. Dividers
    4. Modules
    5. Rollouts
    6. Cases and Chests
    7. Tops, Doors, and Toes
    8. Racks
  2. Tools, Techniques, and Tips
    1. Materials
    2. Spans and Loads
    3. Sizing Up Your Space
    4. Layout and Cutting List
    5. Cuts and Joints
    6. Detail Milling and Edging
    7. Drilling and Fastening
    8. Gluing, Clamping, and Assembly
    9. Doors and Drawers
    10. Face Frames and Miter Boxes
    11. Hardware
    12. Finishing

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